The main objectives of the individual scientific research program (PICS) consist in the elaboration of the doctoral thesis, and in forming the competences included in the doctoral qualification fiche of the National Qualifications Register for Higher Education (RNCIS).

PICS implies the participation of the PhD student in one or more scientific projects established by the PhD supervisor within the Doctoral School, research centres or departments of ASE-IOSUD. PICS is followed according to the Individual Plan for PhD studies (PID) under the coordination of the PhD supervisor and of the guidance committee. Individual scientific research program can be conducted in ASE, in research institutions with national or international recognition.

The minimum requirements to complete scientific research programs take into account:

  • preparing the Progress Reports, one at the end of each academic year, which shall include: the results of the scientific research, disseminated by the PhD student through articles published in journals or via papers published in proceedings of international conferences. The PhD student presents these reports to the guidance committee, in the presence of the PhD supervisor;
  • participation in scientific debates organized within the doctoral school, resulting in the publication of working papers;
  • fulfilment of minimum criteria for the public defence of the PhD thesis. These are set by CSUD and are included in the Evaluation and presentation procedure of the doctoral thesis.

Each doctoral student is evaluated based on annual progress reports. After the PhD student presentation of each progress report the PhD supervisor and committee guidance members must give one of two qualifications: 'pass' or 'fail'. In case of rejection of a research report or final report, the PhD student can restore it and present it once more, following the same procedure.


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