Activities schedule

The doctoral program includes:

  • a training program based on advanced studies (PSUD);
  • an individual scientific research program (PICS).

The training program based on advanced studies (PSUD) and the individual scientific research program (PICS) are specified in the Individual Plan for PhD studies (PID), developed by the PhD student under the guidance of the PhD supervisor, supported by the guidance committee.

During the academic year:

  • The PhD student must spend significant time for his doctoral program that requires its effective presence in ASE or within research and development units that have agreements or institutional partnerships with ASE, outside periods related to mobility. Actual presence of the PhD student is decided by the PhD supervisor according to the specific doctoral program and the regulation of the doctoral school.
  • The PhD student must devote 40 hours a week to his doctoral program within ASE (study programs, research centers, research teams, etc.).
  • Activities under the doctoral program and the number of hours allocated to each of them are set by the PhD supervisor, respecting the regulations of the doctoral school.
  • By 20th October of the first year of studies must be completed the Individual Plan for PhD studies (PID).
  • Each PhD student is evaluated based on annual progress reports.



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