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Research themes for the Finance Doctoral School

The Board of - Finance Doctoral School

1. Prof.univ.dr. Vintila Georgeta Director
2. Prof. univ.dr. Dragota Victor Member
3. ACAD. ALBU Lucian Liviu Member
4. Dr.Ec. SIMION Ionut Member
5. Serban Daniela PhD students representative

Doctoral Schools Members

Nr. crt.NameEmail
1. Anghelache Gabriela
2. Armeanu Dan
3. Badea Dumitru
4. Brasoveanu Iulian Viorel
5. Brezeanu Petre
6. Danila Nicolae
7. Dedu Vasile
8. Dragota Victor
9. Dragota Ingrid Mihaela 
10. Dumitru Ionut
11. Dumitrescu Dalina
12. Georgescu Florin
13. Ilie Vasile
14. Moinescu Bogdan - Gabriel
15. Necula Ciprian
16. Negrea Bogdan Cristian
17. Stancu Ion
18. Vintila Georgeta
19. Mitrica Eugen
20. Gherghina Stefan Cristian


Doctoral School Director office hours

Monday: 16,30 - 18,00

Hall 3102, Mihail Moxa Building, Mihail Moxa Street, No. 5-7

By appointment:

Tel: 021 3191900 , int 272


About the Doctoral School

PhD, as a higher form of university education in finance has been a continuing concern over its 100 years of existence of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies as well as for the nearly 70 years since the creation of the finance specialization as a distinct faculty at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies. Throughout the existence of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, one can find clear a tendency towards the selection of topics, as subjects for doctoral theses, which fell largely in the sphere of finance, addressing current issues regarding public finance, corporate finance, taxation, currency and credit, insurance, foreign currency relations, the stock exchange in the period between the two world wars and, more recently, the capital market. In this context it should be noted that in the period between 1921 and 1948 numerous doctoral theses focused on banking and financial issues were successfully defended publically. Furthermore, especially in the interwar period, the position of science doctoral supervisor for issues regarding financial banking, credit, and insurance, was held by the leading figures in the field at the time, such as: prof. dr. Ion N. Angelescu, acad. prof. dr. Ion Raducanu, acad. prof. dr. Victor Slavescu. In the period that followed until December 1989, the former Faculty of Finance used to organize three doctoral programs, namely: Finance and Insurance, Currency, Credit, Money Circulation and Foreign Currency Relations. The Faculty of Finance, Insurance, Banking and Stock Exchange, whose existence dates back to the 1992 – 1993 academic year, currently hosts a PhD program in Finance, bringing together scientific advisors from the two departments of the faculty, the Department of Finance and Department of Money and Banking. As a pioneer of the concept of organizing a Doctoral School, in 1994 the Faculty of Finance, Insurance, Banking and Stock Exchange obtained its own Doctoral School accreditation as a European Centre of Excellence from the European Commission. This certification was the result of an international competition in which the DOFIN program (Doctoral School of Finance and Banking), which was initiated in partnership with the University of Reading in the UK –ICMA Center and the Erasmus University in the Netherlands, was selected to conduct research and studies based on qualitative and quantitative analyses of financial phenomena. The Doctoral School of Finance and Banking was coordinated by PhD. Professor Moisa Altar, from the Money and Banking Department of the faculty. Many of the PhD students from the Doctoral School of Finance and Banking, who have defended their theses, are today leading experts in the field of finance. Whether they work in Romania or abroad, at prestigious universities, in multinational companies or at numerous European and international bodies, they are recognized in the real economy as renowned specialists.


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