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Research themes for the Economics And International Affairs Doctoral School


The Board of Economics And International Affairs Doctoral School

1. Prof. univ. Valentin COJANU Director
2. Prof.dr. Gheorghe Hurduzeu Member
3. Prof Alexandra Horobet Member
4. Dr. Mişu Negriţoiu Member
5. Dr. Florin Pogonaru Member
6. Stud. Șerbănel Ioana-Cristiana  PhD Students Reprezentative (1st Year)
7. Stud. Micu Alexandra
PhD Students Reprezentative (3rd Year)

Doctoral Schools Members

Nr. crt.
Bal Ana 
Burnete Sorin
Cojanu Valentin
Drăgan Gabriela 
Horobeţ Alexandra
Hurduzeu Gheorghe   
Miclăuş Paul Gabriel
Miron Dumitru
Munteanu Gurgu Costea
Nicolescu Luminiţa
Popa Ioan 
Zaharia Milena Rodica

Raileanu Szeles Monica

Gaftoniuc Simona

 About the Doctoral School

In 1951, the Faculty of Cooperative was replaced by the Faculty of Commerce with two departments, Trade and Cooperative. Beginning with the 1956-1957 university year, the Romanian Institute of Foreign Trade became part of the Institute of Economy and Planning (the name of our university at that time) and the Department of Foreign Trade was established, setting up the premise for the creation of the Faculty of Foreign Trade in 1974, which immediately changed its name to the Faculty of International Economic Relations. The Faculty maintained its academic structure until 1977/1978 when it went into liquidation as a result of bureaucratically made decisions. In 1991, on the initiative of several academics of the faculty (Prof. Nicolae Suta, Prof. George Marin, Prof. Ioan Popa, Prof. Silviu Negut , and Lecturer dr. Dumitru Miron), the Faculty of International Economic Relations was born again. Between 1990 and 2004, a number of 289 Romanian and 68 foreign doctoral students defended their doctoral theses in the Faculty of International Economic Relations. According to the curricula changes implied by the Bologna Process, the Doctoral School of Economics and International Business was established in 2005. Between 2005 and 2013, 93 Romanians and two foreign students accomplished their doctoral studies in our School.

Doctoral School Director office hours

 Wednesday, 16.30—18.30

Room 1212bis, building Mihai Eminescu

By appointment:

B-dul Dacia, nr. 41, Sector 1

Tel. +4 021 319 19 00, int. 267 


Bucharest University of Economic Studies
Council for Doctoral Studies (CSUD)

Tache Ionescu street, no.11, floor 1, room 8102. 
Phone: 319 19 00 / int. 603 
Phone: 021 312 55 84
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