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Research themes for the Economics I Doctoral School


The Board of Economics I Doctoral School

1. Prof.univ.dr. ACELEANU Mirela Ionela Director
2. Acad. ZAMAN Gheorghe Member
3. Prof. univ. dr. Marius Corneliu MARINAS Member
4. Prof.univ.dr. JULA Dorin Member
5. Vasilica Miruna PhD Students Representative

Doctoral Schools Members

No.  crt.
Aceleanu Mirela Ionela
Dachin Daniela Anca
Dinu Marin
Dragomirescu Horatiu
Dudian Monica
Huidumac Petrescu Catalin Emilian
Iovitu Mariana
Marinas Marius Corneliu
Popescu Cristina Raluca
Popescu Gheorghe
Rogojanu Angela
Suciu Marta Christina
Serban Andreea Claudia
Tasnadi Alexandru
Serban-Oprescu George -Laurentiu

About the doctoral school

The Faculty of Theoretical and Applied Economics, which the Doctoral School in Economics I belongs to, is the only faculty within the Bucharest University of Economic Studies  that offers educational programs in the field of Economics, regarded as a fundamental science, rendering a holistic approach on both the theoretical-methodological and strategic operational fundamentals of the integrated system of economic sciences.

The Doctoral Study Program in Economics has evolved over time being influenced by the evolution of various doctrines and currents of economic thinking. This is also reflected by a wide range of different names given to this field of activity, such as Political Economy, General Economics or Economics (having its Anglo-Saxon equivalent of Economics, respectively, the Francophone l'Economie Politique). Variations in the evolution of various domain names, can also be found in the names given to the awarded titles, which have pendulated between the PhD in Economic Sciences and PhD in Economics. The oscillations recorded in the terminology of the domain, respectively of the titles granted, reflect predominantly a shift of accents both in the theoretical and methodological terms, as well as in the strategic-operational plan, as a reflection of the evolution of the economic way of thinking in relation to the real economy challenges and the experience and practical expertise gained.

Economic science harmoniously combines fundamental research based on explanatory models and relevant epistemic approaches with applicative research that facilitates the foundation of coherent and competent decisions on the various decision-making at micro, mezzo and macroeconomic levels. Consequently, the evolution of academic education and research at the doctoral level in Economics, within the Doctoral School in Economics I, has been distinguished by promoting, on the one hand, the component centered on the conceptual architecture of various economic theories and, on the other hand, the methods and means used to apply economic knowledge in real life, mainly through the coherent foundation and implementation of strategies and economic policies.

The Faculty of Theoretical and Applied Economics has always been present, under various names, even from the first year of existence of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies. Within this faculty there has always been a brilliant didactic and scientific research activity, prestigious personalities, who contributed to the foundation of an important chapter of the history of Romanian economic thinking. We mention, among others, Gheorghe Tasca, Ion N. Angelescu, Virgil Madgearu, Gromoslav Mladenatz. Such personalities of the Romanian economic school handed down their cultural heritage to the post-war period generation, when academicians Nicolae N. Constantinescu and Tudorel Postolache, the professors Ion Blaga, Constantin Danciu, Ivanciu Nicolae Valeanu or Nita Dobrota had to face even harsher times.

As a whole, The Faculty of Theoretical and Applied Economics has a rich and varied experience in training and professional scientific and research improvement of its future specialists in the economic field. The PhD Program in Economics I prepares PhD students and facilitates them to carry out complex scientific research, a predominantly interdisciplinary study, which at the same time, calls for refined instruments of economic analysis and econometric modeling, as appropriate, in order to explain, evaluate and interpret the complexity and interdependence between theories and economic policies.

Doctoral School Director office hours

Modays: 18.00 - room 0301 (odd weeks) / 16.30 (even weeks) - room 0301.

Room 0301,  building Caderea Bastiliei

nr. 2-4, Sector 1


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