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About the Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE)

The Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE) www.ase.ro is the most prestigious Romanian higher education institution in the fields of Economics, Business Administration and Public Administration. Established by Royal Decree on 6th April 1913, our University has educated numerous generations of graduates who have become leading figures in their fields.

The following principles are implemented by ASE for achieving its professional development and scientific research objectives: academic autonomy and freedom, student-centred education, respect of the status of the teaching staff as educators and trainers, public responsibility, quality assurance. Following the national evaluation, the ASE was included in the category of Universities of advanced research and education. The university is a confirmed national leader in the field of business studies, according to the latest results provided by U-Multirank - the EU`s international university ranking http://www.ase.ro/index_en.asp .

The Bucharest University of Economic Studies is also known for its diverse specializations in the field of Economics and Business, with 12 faculties, 22 departments and 22,684 students from Romania and from other countries, offering a unique learning experience through the highest number of Bachelor’s, and Master’s programmes in Romania in the field of Economics, Business and Public Administration. The performance related to the economic and social environment, international cooperation and visibility, scientific novelty and pluri-disciplinarily defines the research environment of ASE http://dmci.ase.ro/

The university has 22 research centres http://dmci.ase.ro/centre-cercetare having as main objectives: consecration ASE as university education and scientific research, strong development of scientific research as a pillar of the operation and performance of the university, increasing international component of scientific research, exploitation of scientific research results through publication in journals recognized nationally and internationally and ensure balance fundamental research - applied research.

Membership and affiliation to international associations and networks from the Eastern Europe and the Black Sea Region: AUF – Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie, CONFRECO – Conférence des Recteurs des universities membres de l'AUF en Europe Centrale et Orientale, ERA – European Retail Academy, EUA - European University Association, EUNIS – European University Information Systems, HERMES - Higher Education and Research in Management of European Universities, IAAER - International Association for Accounting Education and Research, RESER – European Association for Research on Services, Visegrad University Association. The University has 93 ERASMUS bilateral agreements with universities from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway etc. http://international.ase.ro/about-us

About the PhD Programs

The Bucharest University of Economic Studies gained the accreditation and therefore right to grant PhD titles in the field of Economics in 1921. Since 1995, National Council for Titles, Diplomas and Certificates http://www.cnatdcu.ro/ offers universities accreditation to conduct PhD studies in specific science fields.

In 1997, the Bucharest University of Economic Studies is accredited as PhD Administering Institution (IOD), through Order of the National Education Ministry, for 7 PhD programmes in the Economic Sciences and Law fundamental domain: Economic Cybernetics and Statistics, Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management, Marketing, International Business and Economics, Law. In 2011, the Bucharest University of Economic Studies was reaccredited as PhD University Programme Administering Institution (IOSUD) for 10 PhD programmes, in the Economic Sciences and Law fundamental domain http://doctorat.ase.ro/ :

1. Business Administration

2. Economic Cybernetics and Statistics

3. Accounting

4. Economics

5. Economics and International Affairs

6. Finance

7. Economic Informatics

8. Management

9. Marketing

10. Law

The activity of graduate schools is organized to ensure that the following principles are respected:

  • The principle of transparency by consulting all Ph.D. advisors;
  • The principle of responsibility of each member of doctoral schools and the exploitation of his/her potential;
  • The principle of quantitative evaluation of the activity of doctoral schools and its members, proposing an evaluation of each and every member of the doctoral schools (Ph.D. advisors and Ph.D. students) based on a set of quantitative indicators that are defined depending on the requirements of their re-accreditation process;
  • development of interdisciplinary research that will produce works of high scientific value;
  • compliance with ethical and professional conduct ;
  • internationalization of the activities of the doctoral schools .

For the next period, there are a series of strategic objectives: Development of doctoral schools around interdisciplinary research poles of excellence; Increase of the international visibility of doctoral schools of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies; Creating a favorable environment to attract new sources of financing for the activities of the doctoral schools.

Currently, the ten PhD programmes are managed within 11 Doctoral Schools organised at faculty level, the total number of PhD supervisors being 140. The doctoral activity within the doctoral schools is coordinated by the Council for Doctoral Studies (CSUD) http://doctorat.ase.ro . Doctoral studies are organised both at the campus presence and low frequency form, in Romanian or an international language (English, German, and French).

The doctoral schools distinguish themselves through a diverse and dynamic research topics offer, definedbased on the research project objectives of each of the 995 PhD students from Romania and other countries (Germany, USA, UK, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Tunis etc.) related to the most recent approaches in the field and according to the requirements of the global economy evolution

Council for Doctoral Studies (CSUD). Members from The Bucharest University of Economic Studies

1. Prof.univ.dr. Mihai Daniel Roman (Director CSUD)


2. Prof.univ.dr. Gheorghe Zaman (Academia Română)


3. Prof.univ.dr. Ionut Simion (PWC)


4. Prof.univ.dr. Valentin Cojanu


5. Prof.univ.dr. Nadia Ciocoiu


6. Prof.univ.dr. Martha Cristina Suciu


7. Prof.univ.dr. Mădălina Dumitru


8. Prof.univ.dr. Daniela Luminița Constantin


9. Prof.univ.dr. Gheorghe Ruxanda


10. Prof.univ.dr. Marieta Olaru


11. Prof.univ.dr. Ion Smeureanu


12. Prof.univ.dr. Carmen Bălan


13. Prof.univ.dr. Georgeta Vintilă


14. Std. Doctorand Ioana Teodorescu


15. Std. Doctorand Vlad Nerau


16. Std. Doctorand Stefan Corcodel


Doctoral Schools Directors

Prof. univ. dr. Marieta OLARU

Business Administration


Prof.univ.dr. Gheorghe RUXANDA

Cybernetics and Statistics


Prof.univ. dr. Ionașcu Ion



Prof.dr. Cătălin Emilian HUIDUMAC

Economics I


Prof.dr. Nicu MARCU

Economics II


Prof. univ. Valentin COJANU

Economics and International Affairs


Prof.univ.dr. Vintila Georgeta



Prof.dr. Ion LUNGU

Economic Informatics


Prof.dr. Gheorghe CÂRSTEA



Prof.dr. Ștefan BOBOC



Prof.univ.dr.Dimitriu Raluca




Bucharest University of Economic Studies
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